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    Robert McCowan

    Customer  | 10/29/2021

    I ordered (non custom) Dice on September 10, 2021 and asked Kardwell to confirm shipping charges to Canada as the charges quoted seemed a little low on the Emailed Invoice. They never got back to me so I assumed it was correct and the Dice were shipped. A week later I checked and saw that my order said pending. I called the company to see what that meant and was told by customer service that the order would be shipped out the next day unless the shipping charges were incorrect and I would be notified by email prior to shipping if there were changes from the original invoice. I did not receive an email so again I assumed the order was shipped as customer service said it would be. On September 25, 2021 I sent an email asking for an update regarding my order with no responce. I then made a couple of phone calls regarding my order leaving a recorded message and again I received no response. I tried again by email on October 11, 2021 to find out what has happened to my order and was responded to by Fred Sommer (Vice President – Sales & Marketing). The following is our correspondence via email: Oct. 11 Hi Rob, I apologize for the delay but not sure who monitors that email. It appears that we are out of Red 1-1/2” dice. We have green and white. Would you like us to ship only green, green and white, wait for the red to come in stock or cancel the order. Fred S. Kardwell International Oct. 12 Hi Fred, I would like you to send green and white please! Also please let me know the total of the Invoice. The total shows as $19.88 US, however shipping shows as an estimate of $3.98 US! If shipping is more than double the estimate please let me know otherwise ship the order as soon as you can! I would like no surprises please! I appreciate you getting back to me!!! Thank YOU, Rob McCowan Oct. 12 Rob, Same Price. $17.88 Not sure that freight # is correct to Canada but will let you know. Fred Sommer, Vice President – Sales & Marketing Oct. 13 Thank You