A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Installing Infratech in a Mid-Century Home

Press Release from Infratech

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When these Southern California homeowners decided to upgrade the outdoor rooms of their San Fernando Valley home designed by mid-century architect Edward Fickett, they wanted outdoor heaters that were not only effective, but that maintained a minimal profile to blend into the architecture.

Renovating an existing, historic space means design challenges can crop up at any time, deflecting the original plan. Luckily, the new outdoor heating plan turned out to be a big improvement.

Watch as Pete Armes, owner of Armes Electric, discusses why they decided to go with Infratech for this remodel. The family chose a wall mounted CD-series Infratech heater in the outdoor screening area. The CD-Series provides a higher heat output while still allowing for clearance of the roof and TV. 

In the living area, a low-profile SL-Series Infratech heater was mounted directly to the beams with adjustable brackets that allowed it to blend in, as if it had always been there.

Armes recommended Infratech’s Universal Control Package so the heaters can be adjusted via smart phone or smart home assistant, allowing the homeowners to enjoy more time outdoors without having to leave to turn the heaters on or off.

Retrofitting Infratech heaters to the home’s existing structure turned out to be a straightforward process, as evidenced by the quick behind-the-scenes walkthrough Armes gives us of the same-day install.

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