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SportsBar TV Systems manufacturers the most economical Touch Panel & Tablet control system in the business, whether you have 1 TV or 100+ we can provide a turn-key solution to easily connect and control everything from a central location and Wireless Tablet.


One choice is to use a separate Set-Top-Box (STB) for each TV and pay the provider for EACH 1. Commercial fees can exceed $20 for every TV, EVERY MONTH! The STB solution will also NOT allow for any local content, control can only be done by walking to each TV and carefully pointing a remote.

Our solution is a Matrix Switch & Touch panel. This allows you to pay fewer monthly fees & you can now switch any source to any combination of TV's. The system also allows you to intermix local content easily such as DVD's, Cameras, PC's or Ads. Our controller allows you to control both the Matrix switch AND the source box's channel selections all from one location or Tablet.

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Products by Sportsbar TV Systems

By Sportsbar TV Systems

All of our systems are based on our SB-Touch V2 Touch panel controller which is now in its 3rd generation with 7 years development and successfully deployed in hundreds of Restaurants and Bars, It utilizes our unique reverse look-up system of TV to Source control where you only have to select... Read more »

By Sportsbar TV Systems

Our most popular system is our, HDMI 1080p Video over Cat5 wiring system which includes the SB-Touch v2 Controller & all interconnect cables. The basic system is 8 sources to 16 TVs and can be scaled to any size by adding more receivers, source converters or additional switches (each switch... Read more »

By Sportsbar TV Systems

Our Coax HDMI HD Multi TV Control System has all the features of our popular Cat5 system but uses a single coax wire as the medium between the unit and TVs, it distributes raw uncompressed video for the best picture possible. Coax is also the preferred choice if you already have wires run from... Read more »

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