Products by Wallace and Hinz
  • Hand-Crafted Bars for Restaurants

    Even the most famed chefs and celebrated restaurateurs will admit that without an outstanding bar, a restaurant is lacking something. Besides generating revenue, the bar is often where patrons develop their first impressions of a restaurant. Just as likely, the bar is where diners will adjourn... Read More
  • Portable Bars

    The Brooklyn Portable Bar is as beautiful as it is functional. This bar design features a beautiful solid wood exterior with a functional stainless steel modular interior. The solid wood exterior is built with the Wallace & Hinz signature handcrafted construction techniques that allows it to... Read More
  • Custom Wine Bars

    An eclectic wine list warrants an elegant presentation with an equally paired wine bar. This is the reason numerous vineyards and boutiques have depended on Wallace & Hinz to build their wine racks and bars. Sophisticated wine enthusiasts relish the intellectual stimulation they experience while... Read More
Clients of Wallace and Hinz
    • Hilton Hawaiian Village
    • Johnny Foley's
    • Beckett's
    • Captain's Choice Inc. Motel
    • The Carr Bar
    • Shadows Lounge
    • New Sheridan Hotel
    • Vinnie's
    • Lakewood Country Club
    • Colonial Country Club
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