Drinks by Deena

176 Bayview Ave
Staten Island, NY 10309

About Drinks by Deena

Drinks by Deena is a full service beverage consultancy specializing in fresh ingredients, customized menus and high volume for bars and restaurants. Based out of New York City, the proprietor at Drinks By Deena has over 20+ years of experience in beverage hospitality nationally and internationally in a variety of outlets ranging from hotels, resorts, restaurant chains, cocktail bars, fast casual, event spaces, catering, nightclubs and dives. Completely customizable packages allow you to work with Drinks By Deena for as little or as much as your bar may need. Services include specialty cocktails, menu selection, cost/pricing analysis, brand support, staff training, staff hiring, ordering/inventory systems, setting up accounts with purveyors, organizing the bar for speed, and much more. Please feel free to contact us with any questions as we look forward to working with you

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